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Don’t miss this clip for Knock Knock – song by Brunettes Shoot Blondes 

Air New Zealand teamed with The Hobbit movie crew tp create the best and most epic safety video ever made, a funny and twisted video filled with references to The Hobbit trilogy starring also Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson!


This video shoes how design process will work in the future…enjoy

Attraction is a dance group of 9 people that use the power of shadow to tell a story. few days ago they just won Britain’s Got Talent TV show. You MUST see these videos 😉

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Furniture and design company Herman Miller collaborated with  design studio Dress Code to create a stop-motion video that shows how design is ‘everywhere in your day.

Video took 3 days to shoot almost  800 frames (about 12 frames per second) of footage featuring props and products. In every shot, at least five to ten objects were moved, creating clouds that float, chairs that dance, and data charts that buzz with activity. Watch the ‘making of’ the video with Dress Code here.



Find inside the new video Google just reviled and details how to get a pair

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Going to Maarten Baas lecture today- here is Baas video work I saw yesterday at CASA09 – look how they sweep the time 🙂

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