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If it isn’t enough spending all our free time on Facebook…

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Have you had trouble finding the shower curtain that you like?

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1. Shoe Bathtubs by Italian SICIS

2. Chair style bathtube designed by Studio Tholl. Medium hot rod bath-tub

3. Hot Rod Tub –  $26,000 bathtub from artist Tetsuya Nakam

4. Designer Ron Arad teamed up with the Italian bathroom design brand, Teuco, to bring us Spin Wash – a bathtube that can

turn into shower.

5. Overflow bathtub from KÄSCH. [link]   lucedentro-illuminating-mosaic-1.jpg

6. Mosaic by  Lucedentro – it accumulates light during the day and glows in the dark. It works just like any other fluorescent elements .

7. LTT Illuminated Bathtub  add some light to your bathroom. [link] upper view of walkin bathtub creative bathtub

8. Stylish Walk In Bathtub designed by MAXX Professional  

9. Natural Bathtub [link]
wood bathtub Wood Made Bathtubs by Stolis Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

10. With STOLISwood-made bathtubs your bathroom turns into a spa

11. Heart Shaped Whirlpool Bathtub [link]

Boat tub

12. Boat Bath-tub

13. Taxi Bathtub


Creative bathtub Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.us

14. Le Cob Bathtub [link]


15. Square Bathtub [link]

16.  Aquarium Bathtub –  comes with a stylish built-in aquarium. [link]
17. Sorrento Bathtub – based on the traditional Japanese ofuro. [link]

Creative bathtub Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.us

18.  Bookcase Bathtub by Antonio Lupi  [link]

19 . Glass Bathtub [link]

20. Infinity Bathtub designed by Aleksander Mukomelov. [link] Creative bathtub Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.us

21. Huge Sink Bathtub by Flamina 22. Cocount Bathtub

Do you get your best ideas and inspiration in the shower?

With AquaNotes (9.5$) you can now write them down during shower!

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iShower Curtain
The iShower Curtain let you feel like you are part of the iPod advertise 🙂

Available for $21 from Paramount Zone.

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