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apple_shot5 (Custom)

William Tell wouldn’t believe his eyes! 

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How to Turn Your Kitchen Sink to Inspiring Place

Learn which 10 items will easily turn your kitchen sink to a sexy & inspiring place 🙂

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Betty's - Spoon Rest

Betty’s – Spoon Rest

There is nothing Betty enjoys more than keeping your cooking utensils from making a mess.

Bett’s is WishList design studio item. Find it in our store (free shipping worldwide included).




La Bella - Label Bands

La Bella – Label Bands

If you ever wondered whats in the jar you need La Bella (14.99$) – A set of 3 red elastic label holders for multiple tagging in the kitchen, home or workplace.


Cucumbo - Spiral Slicer

Cucumbo – Spiral Slicer

Add some color and fun to your salads with Cucumbo, ideal for cucumbers & zucchini.

Cucumbo is the young brother of Karotosharpener & peeler for karots you MUST HAVE in your salads tool box.

Set Sail - Napkin Holder

Set Sail – Napkin Holder

This elegant ceramic napkin holder will add a sense of tranquility to any dinner table.

 Cutlery holder

Table Tree – Cutlery Holder

Cutlery holder for easy transport and elegant display in your kitchen or dining room.
Made of porcelain ceramic.

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