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German design studio qed* turned the iPod’s iconic form into a series of colorful egg cups, with a cute play on words: in German, “ei” means egg and “pott” means pott, but together they sound like…you guessed it…iPod.

More pics inside

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Before you get too excited, I  would like to mention that all are concept products – meaning, you can’t get them in stores, they are for openning your imagination and give you creative inspiration. Enjoy! 🙂

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The iTie

check out the iTie – tie with a built in pocket at the back that lets you store your iPod .

Available for $50 from The iTie.

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iShower Curtain
The iShower Curtain let you feel like you are part of the iPod advertise 🙂

Available for $21 from Paramount Zone.

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