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Bottle TopTM (10$) turns your can into a spill-proof bottle – how come I didn’t think about it before? 🙂


Cool glasses – seperate them and you will get…

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One of my favorite mug’ design was 2 Carat Mug until I saw this one…

Gun Mug – Kill some time, drink some coffee 🙂

Available for 17$ here.

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cru by sebastian bergne – A collection of objects inspired by the culture of wine – feel free to use any side of the bottle/glass 🙂

More pics from the collection…

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Mr.P – One Man Stuck, a wine stopper is here to make sure that your wine will never go to waste. Continue reading this post »

Juice Skin Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa 2

Juice Skin Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa 7

Juice Skin Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa 4

Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa has created a series of creative fruit juice packages that have the look and feel of the fruit they contain.


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