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beaver pencil sharpener by rodrigo torres kastor for alessi

duck timer by eero aarnio for alessi

Meet the new Alessi designs.

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Pinocchio Toilet Brush
Help Toilet Brush

1. Pinocchio Toilet Brush

1. Help Toilet Brush by PROPAGANDA – help him get out 🙂


Bello Toilet Brush

3. Ballo (dance in Italian) by Danish manufacturer Normann-Copenhagen



TOQ Toilet Brush

4. KOZIOL TOQ TOILET BRUSH by designer Platt & Young


Koziol Mary Loo Toilet Brush

5. Koziol Mary Loo Toilet Brush


Heart Toilet Brush

6. Romantic (???) Toilet Brush

10 Most Creative Toilet Brushes Design

7. one that look like an upturned wine glass –  designs by Antonio Gardoni 

Strike Toilet Brush

8. Strike Toilet Brush


9. Giraffe Toilet Brush

Alessi Toilet Brush

10. Alessi Toilet Brush


EXTRA 11. UC7 Toilet Brush


Clean as a Whistle Bathroom Brush

12.  Clean as a Whistle Bathroom Brush



MooM Bowl by Alessi makes wine and food easy to hold with one hand. Buy it here ($30)

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