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  • September 9, 2014
  • In: Art

Flooring options for kitchens have undergone many changes over the years as new materials have grown in popularity. Early kitchens had wooden floorboards, ceramic tiles or natural stone; however, research and development of new materials has brought about many alternatives.

The key feature of any kitchen surface is that it must be easy to clean; aesthetics should really come second. Kitchens tend to become very dirty when food is prepared, and many kitchens act as a back entrance into the home that adds to the grime that accumulates on the floor.

Each type of flooring that is available has its own benefits and drawbacks, and ultimately the best choice is the one that suits the personality and needs of the individuals who will be using the kitchen on a daily basis.

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From the beginning of their long history, musical instruments were crafted from whatever naturally occurring materials existed – animal skins, bones or horn, pieces of wood or stone. It is widely thought that these early instruments might have played a practical role – blowing a horn to signal a successful kill on a hunt perhaps, or beating a drum to communicate across distances. As the human race evolved, so too did the way in which music, and indeed art, developed. The crafting of drums and simple flutes grew ever more sophisticated, and these are thought to have been used in specific rituals; in different parts of the world, communities devised new and traditional instruments independently of each other.

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