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Find inside 20+ gift ideas that will make any home more special…

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Bingo is a game of luck. Traditionally the game was played in Bingo Halls. It consists of cards known sometimes as ‘tickets’ bearing numbers from 1 to 75. These numbers are enclosed in a grid, which is usually 5×5.

The objective of the game is too mark off a maximum number of boxes in a particular pattern which is already decided on. The numbers are called out by a ‘caller’ in bingo halls, while they are electronically generated in online bingo. A player carefully listens and marks off each number that is called which is present on his card. In online bingo, auto daubers exist which relieves the player of having to mark the numbers off himself. Once the pattern of choice has been achieved, the player calls out “Bingo!” to signify that their ticket is complete.

There are various patterns that can be achieved, each having a prize money of its own. The most popular is the hard line, wherein a single line either horizontal or vertical must be filled. There also exists the four corners, X, O, L V, Z patterns which may be achieved. Generally, the pattern which pays the highest is the Full House, where all the numbers must be marked off.

The prize may also be in the form of a pre set jackpot, or a progressive jackpot who’s worth increases with more players as well as increasing number of calls.

Although most players attempt to use strategy to win, it has been found that no real plan to increase chances of winning exists. The only plausible option is to buy a larger number of tickets, which increase the overall chances of winning itself, per session.

Usually, buying 10-15 cards per game was quite common among experienced bingo players, but with the advent of online bingo and automatic daubers, the number of tickets purchased per session may be unlimited. However, one must be prudent with this, as if the overall price of all tickets bought exceeds the payout, it is a loss.

Regarded as a major leisure activity in UK, Bingo has become increasingly popular in it’s online version, with the sharp fall in the number of bingo halls due to the smoking ban as well as high tax.

One good site to play online bingo games at is Betway Bingo and you can read the full Betway Bingo review by clicking on this link.

Sugar House By Peleg Design

All details about this cool design inside…

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Believe it or not, Nessie (Ladle) has a mom!Mama Nessie by OTOTO design

Mamma Nessie is the best new thing from OTOTO design studio, read all about it inside:

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Creative CNC-Milled Ice Cubes by Suntory

Japanese whiskey brand Suntory presented CNC-milled ice cubes. 

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