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I consider myself without any creative ability…maybe that’s why I’m so impressed from product designs that makes you say WOW….

This blog is a collection of product designs that inspire me, hope you will enjoy it too :)


p.s feel free to use the comment box for any questions you might have or sharing your thought about my blog

Last thing… if you have product design you want me to publish send details + pictures to: info at 1designperday.com

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30 Comments to "About"

1 | maya

1 de March de 2009 to ● 3:44 PM

dude you rule

2 | Alex

17 de April de 2009 to ● 7:25 PM

You have a great blog here. Keep them coming!

3 | sketchout

22 de April de 2009 to ● 5:02 AM

I only found your blog a little while ago and it’s a great collection. I think my future house will be filled with items like these :)

4 | 1designperday

22 de April de 2009 to ● 7:50 AM

Thanks to you all, keep comming and commenting :)

5 | Ulla-Maaria Engestrom

28 de April de 2009 to ● 5:14 AM

You have a fantastic blog and I do agree that we have a lot in common. :-) I’d be happy to feature your profile on Thinglink!

6 | NerdSeven

6 de May de 2009 to ● 12:35 AM

Great blog!
Keep up the great work!

7 | Charlotte Tucker

14 de May de 2009 to ● 4:55 PM

I am not sure if my pocket watch collages is something you would find of interest, but I love your site….and I think my pocket watch collages are very unsually designed.


8 | keith bratton

14 de May de 2009 to ● 8:41 PM

how does one get a photo (of product) and info about that product on the site?

I noticed on some of the posting, a price was shown-but nothing about where to buy/order/steal one or a bunch of them.

Keep smilin”

9 | 1designperday

15 de May de 2009 to ● 5:33 AM

Hi Charlotte,
Your stuf looks great!, I will take them in consideretion in my future posts.
10x for the feedback,

10 | 1designperday

15 de May de 2009 to ● 5:36 AM

just comment here with your product URL and I’ll have a look :)

11 | matei

15 de May de 2009 to ● 6:26 PM

very nice blog! keep on the good work!

14 | 1 Design Per Day - Well Designed Products! : All My Faves | Blog

19 de May de 2009 to ● 3:13 AM

[...] like honest people, therefore I was happy reading the simple humble story behind 1 Design Per Day, the creator of 1 Design Per Day has to say the following: “I consider myself without any creative [...]

15 | aurore aulong

24 de May de 2009 to ● 7:12 PM

I love your blog

16 | carlos

31 de May de 2009 to ● 5:25 PM

good blog
good owner
good products
good :D

17 | George I

8 de June de 2009 to ● 11:13 PM

Dude your blog site is just sweet – what works here, unline other design sites, is simplicity. Just picture and a blurb, that’s what’s powerful. Minimalism always wins.

What I’m trying to figure out, with all the crazy traffic you’re getting, why are there no ads? How are you making money off this site?

18 | 1designperday

9 de June de 2009 to ● 5:08 AM

I guess ads will come in some stage but in minimalistic way…. :)

20 | John

15 de June de 2009 to ● 3:22 AM

I just wanted to ask if the offer to lend personal tips on running a successful online blog was still up?

21 | 1designperday

15 de June de 2009 to ● 8:02 AM

best place to start is by reading this post:
sorry for the late response, keep commenting :-)

22 | John

5 de July de 2009 to ● 12:00 AM

That is a good article to re inform myself of the basics of a successful blog. My goal now is to advertise to more people on forums, etc.

Do you know of any good forums who’s niche is graphics, photography, anything art related?

23 | Asaf Sagi

31 de January de 2010 to ● 11:15 AM

I wanted to say that I love viewing 1 Design Per Day. One of my must-have RSS feeds.

24 | Lior Lanxner

1 de June de 2010 to ● 2:42 PM

I am not sure you are right by stating that you do not have any creative abilities.
Editing art is an artful skill. and you do it so well !!!

I find myself waiting to see what you will publish every day.

This site is highly inspiring!!
keep up the great job.
I wish you success without compromising your outstanding creative quality!

25 | Jay Venakki

27 de January de 2011 to ● 3:56 PM

I finally ran into someone that just like me thinks not to have any creative ability because of the impressions some people, products, designs or make us say WOW!

I am in peace with myself now cause of you… and will take the rest of the day off! (Additional Note: I am not kidding..I’m off just about…now!)

Thanks… great to know one is not alone in the world and it feels good!

J. | Webilder.com

26 | Danne

23 de March de 2011 to ● 3:09 PM

Desde Colombia un saludo… Excelente sitio para hacer volar la imaginacion y traerla de nuevo a la realidad…

Greetings from Colombia … Excellent place to blow up the imagination and bring it back to reality …

27 | 1designperday

23 de March de 2011 to ● 9:21 PM


28 | Daniel

5 de April de 2011 to ● 9:35 PM

Hi Z.
I am impressed!
Very nice blog, and very cool stuff.
I would recommend you put your name and profile picture there, it will make it even better (more personalized and human).
Best of luck,

29 | MD

10 de June de 2011 to ● 9:11 PM

Wow, I feel what you are saying about the “without ability”,
love your site background – I was/am planning to do something like that but I was thinking like building blocks, because then it is symbolic of building something.

Really glad someone suggested an article on this site, thanks for making this site!

30 | Ethan

17 de August de 2011 to ● 6:59 AM

Great blog.
Right away, I wanted to add something smart and funny but,
with some effort, got a grip over this intention.
So good luck.

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