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5 Most Amazing Apps For Those Who Adore Virtual Reality


Last year, a lot of technology specialists and fans were talking about the small market for cheap and easily accessible virtual reality content. But this year the gadget makers have tried to outdo themselves, and therefore, they presented a lot bigger and expanded choice and selection of applications in various online stores. We invite you to get acquainted with five immersive apps that can be downloaded and used with the Samsung Gear virtual reality glasses or any other glasses too (which can be purchased pretty cheaply at Kohl’s with these discount codes!).

  1. Speech Center VR. This app is the one specially made for self-development and designed to improve your public speaking skills. And that works pretty directly – you will wear your virtual reality glasses and will find yourself in front of hundreds of listeners. Then you will be able to practice as long as stage fright does not look so big and not overcoming. Speech Center VR is a useful tool for anyone who has to speak before an audience quite often – entrepreneurs, teachers, students and the like. So, if you are one of these, and if you have those glasses – get that app now.
  2. Mars Is A Real Place. If you’re not an astronaut that does not mean that you do not have the possibility to go to Mars! Mars Is A Real Place is an amazing educational gadget which will let you walk on the planet and explore it as long as it is interesting for you. Virtual Reality options provide an opportunity to inspect each of the Red planet’s surface roughness, geological formations, as well as to look at the globe from the orbit. Doesn’t this sound amazing?
  3. Gunjack. The app will fascinate lovers of games for sure. The app is currently one of the most popular virtual reality games specifically designed for first person shooter-type games. Technologies certainly let you feel like a real game character: as you tilt your head down you can see your hero’s body, and, for example, once the enemy is attacking you and you get shot, a “window screen” breaks down before your eyes.
  4. AltSpaceVR. With this super app, you will get a chance to feel how communicating is going to happen among future generations – AltSpaceVR lets you meet your friends in the virtual bar, the lounge or another environment to have a good conversation, or sometimes, even play ice hockey match. Another way of using this app is for working. The app allows using a virtual environment to organize business meetings and presentations, so your business can become world spread without you leaving your home.
  5. The Night Café. All art fans will extremely love this app. Once you turn this app on, you will find yourself in a weird half animated, half virtual reality world. More specifically, you can find yourself in the most famous painter’s Vincent van Gogh paintings, for example, in the artist’s room he painted himself. The experience here is really surreal – you will feel like in another person’s dream


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