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Believe it or not, Nessie (Ladle) has a mom!

Believe it or not, Nessie (Ladle) has a mom!Mama Nessie by OTOTO design

Mamma Nessie is the best new thing from OTOTO design studio, read all about it inside:

Six months ago Nessie Ladle ruled the internet with fun and surprising design for standard kitchen tool as ladle. Now it’s time to introduce his mother- Mama Nessie by same creates, OTOTO design that made TeaSub and Pulke Herb Infuser.  Mama Nessie is a Colander Spoon that will pop out of the pot with your favorite pasta or vegetable ready to serve!


Available in Turquoise and Green and can be found at our store  (15.90$) – FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE included.


Nessie Set by OTOTO Studio

Special Offer: Nessie Set of Mamma Nessie and Nessie Ladle is also available here.

Mythical time in the kitchen guaranteed!


Mamma Nessie - Colander Spoon



Mamma Nessie - Colander Spoon by OTOTO


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