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BUS Station in all meanings

BUS station by mmmm…

Recently a new bus station / urban sculpture appeared in Baltimore …BUS by artist named mmmm…,

“BUS is an obvious bus stop. Three large sculptures that form the letters BUS. Each letter stands fourteen feet tall and seven feet wide. BUS is a place to enjoy, interact, and meet while waiting for the bus. It is a leisure space in the middle of the rhythm of the city, a fun place for the inevitable waiting at a bus stop. “


This innovative project  was developed in conjunction with SPAIN arts & cultureCreative Alliance, and is part of TRANSIT, a creative place-making initiative between Europe and Baltimore.

BUS station by mmmm… #2

“BUS is made with wood and steel, materials that are typically used to build urban furniture. “


BUS station by mmmm… #3


BUS station by mmmm…


BUS station


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Join our 35,000+ followers