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Most Creative Advertisements for Friday The 13th

 Friday the 13th is a scary date …you probably knows that…here are some ads taking that in mind 🙂

Above: FRIDAY 13 – Regal Ketchup Print Ad

Game World against piracy


Holland Casino (Netherlands) suggest you get out of the home 🙂


Road Safty by Transport Accident Commission


Baygon – “front your worse fear”


Burger King


Screamfest (Horror Film Festival)


Renault Megane






Hi-Fi Klubben – “Something wrong with the horror? Try our Surroundsound!”


Zurich Financial Services: Friday the 13th
Zurich Financial Services: Friday the 13th.




Aloe Cholestop Bioenergy Nutrition: “Friday the 13th” Print Ad by Alch1m1a Adv


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Join our 35,000+ followers