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The Chuck Shelf

Multichuck_by hafriko 14_1000

Munich based designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn created  the Chuck shelf is an attempt to introduce freedom and individuality to storage. The shelf consists of six planks of wood that are lifted individually in order to display your favorite items. Aside from being cool and sculpturesque, the item is practical too. You can accommodate books and things of various height easily and achieve the capacity you need. Watch the video after the break to see the piece in action.


[vimeo.com 31400648]

1_Chuck by hafriko_leer_1000_1000

Multichuck_by hafriko 11_1000

Multichuck_by hafriko 12_1000

Multichuck_by hafriko 13_1000

Multichuck_by hafriko 17_1000

Multichuck_by hafriko 16_1000

Multichuck_by hafriko 7_1000

Multichuck_by hafriko 6_1000

Multichuck_by hafriko 20_1000

Multichuck_by hafriko 19_1000

Multichuck_by hafriko 18_1000

2_Chuck by hafriko_mittel_1000_1000

3_Chuck by hafriko_voll_1000_1000

5_Chuck by hafriko_Detail vorne_1000_1000


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