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Cool Stuff I Found This Week #30

Summer comes back and what could be better than with a tasty ice cream to relax!
Buy this cool been bag here (155EU too expensive for me)


From Mohar Design comes Ashtanur, a Pita bread (26 cm diameter ) that uses as pencil case. Buy it on Etsy.


Love this cool chalkboard labels you can use to tag anything. Buy it here (4$-7$ for a 6/12 pack, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE )




Meet Vitapens – pills highlighter, each one is a small, sleek styling vitamin pills, a bottle of which a total of 10 such highlighter, all different colors, enough to get you in the study 🙂

Available here (£ 6.99 a bottle).


Vintage Camera Lens Bracelets by SDPNT jewelry cameras

Vintage Camera Lens Bracelets by SDPNT is making some wonderful one-of-a-kind cuffs from old camera lenses





Ha Ha! It is for the men! The lady and girl can skip this story. The Condometric($TBD) is a condom aimed to measure penis’ length. A condom with the “ruler”, great idea!

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