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Google Glass – The future is here! [Video]

Find inside the new video Google just reviled and details how to get a pair

Google just gave the world a sneak peak of what to expect in the near future with this video showing the Glass UI in real world situations (what about sex?)  offering a multitude of possibilities like video conferencing, GPS, internet research, translation and recording video.

Don’t miss this video:

Want to win a pair of Google Glass?

Google announced today a contest to win a pair for the price of 1’500$ by using the hashtag #ifihadglass, take to Twitter or Google+ and with 50 words or less, explain how you would use Google Glass. Photos and videos can be included as well. The deadline is February 27. Contest details are here. Good Luck!

Glass introduced in April 2012 but Google has yet to announce when general consumers will be able to buy Google Glass.

Last Month Google Co-Founder Caught Sporting Google Glass






Different colors is possible




Take a video feature


Shows the time


GPS display


Google serach and translate


Google search


Wikipedia information display


Communicate with others






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