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Amazing Banana Peel Art by Honey

Banana Peel Art by Honey

Banana Peel Art by Honey(2)

Artist Honey turn bananas into art using safety pin!

“She makes small punctures in the skin, allowing air to reach the fruit. As the punctured banana peel turns brown, the organized patterns of dots reveal various and incredibly detailed designs, such as portraits of The Blues Brothers and Jim Morrison, as well as playful messages spread across a bunch, like “I want a banana split.””

Each piece takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours to create and,wondering if she eats it right after 🙂

Banana Peel Art by Honey(3)

Banana Peel Art by Honey(4)

Banana Peel Art by Honey(5)

Banana Peel Art by Honey(6)

Banana Peel Art by Honey(7)

Banana Peel Art by Honey(8)


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