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50+ Most Creative Sticky Notes

50+ Most Creative Sticky Notes

Here are 50+ creative ways to remind you of your to-do list :-)




1. Band Aid Sticky notes




Woods by Peleg Design

Woods by Peleg Ddesign

2. Woods by Peleg Design – cool keyboard notes that will make your  keyboard environment to more “green”.

Pack of 100 notes, Buy it here (9.99$, FREE shipping worldwide!).


Creative Sticky Notes

1. Knot Block – comes with 600 2-1/4″-square pine-inspired


413 Awesome & Creative Sticky Notes

4. Apps-on – Post-its that look like your  iPhone


 Creative Sticky Notes

5. Disk-it 3.5” floppy disk shaped sticky notes – new meaning for “saving” on disk. Buy it here.


Creative Sticky Notes

6. Twitter Post-it – For all you twitter fanatics out there! By César Santiago.


 Creative Sticky Notes

7. Pantogar Memo Pad – it will loose hair as you use it more :-)
Created by JWT, Hong Kong.


Creative Sticky Notes

8. Talk to the Hand – you have 300 chances to get your point across in each pad. Buy here.


Creative Sticky Notes

9. To-Do Tattoo – for anyone who’s ever scribbled a reminder on their hand or wrist – include 12 transparent tattoos.


87 Awesome & Creative Sticky Notes

10. Murder, Ink  – as if it was a crime scene


314 Awesome & Creative Sticky Notes

11. Kudamemo Fruit Notepad – look like delicious apples and pears from the outside, but look closer and you’ll discover that they’re made of 150 premium sheets of note paper, each printed like a fruit cross-section.

136 Awesome & Creative Sticky Notes

12. Toasted Notes – notes that yu can not miss



Creative Sticky Notes

13. Selifusen

 Creative Sticky Notes

14. Black Post-it Notes



152 Awesome & Creative Sticky Notes

15. Einsteinian Gluons – Buy here.

Creative Sticky Notes

16. Origami Sticky Notes – turn your memo in to 3D model! Buy here (8$).


Creative Sticky Notes

17. Flip Book – sticky note pad with various illustrated animations.

Creative Sticky Notes

18. AquaNotes – made of non-toxic and recyclable waterproof paper.


Creative Sticky Notes

19. Fuck Nasty Notes – choose your “fuck”. Buy it here(6$).

20. Mental Notes, this is where you can really prioritize your work –Buy it here ($5)


201 Awesome & Creative Sticky Notes

21. Read My Lips – for your romantic notes


Creative Sticky Notes

22. USB Memo – USB that holds 100 Post it Notes.


Creative Sticky Note - Watches

23. Watch Sticky Note Designs – Take your sticky note and stick it around your hand. Just like a watch! (via PA Design)



24. Ginko Leaf Sticky Note – looks like the ginko leaf.


25. Error Message notes –  Buy it here ($5)


26. Mini TV Sticky Notes


27. Pebble Notes – Buy it here (5$)


28. Forget Me Notes Flower Petals – Buy it here.


29. Butterfly sticky notes – $3 Buy it here 

30. Tetris Sticky notes,  Buy it here (6.28$). 

31. Playing cards memo pad  , Buy it here (6$)


32. Switch Notes by Suck UK – leave it where they’ll be seen.


33. Save Post  –  Tear off just the amount you need, and leave the rest for later…




34. Leaf Post It  – eye catching notes

35. Christmas Tree Post It Note – get some holiday spirit on your desk made by SUGAI WORLD


36. Mustache Sticky Notes [via (Japaneese)]


Creative Sticky Notes

37. Trees Sticky Notes


Creative Sticky Notes

38. Masterpiece Sticky Notes: Use these notepads bring out your inner Picasso.


39. Sushi Memo Block

Creative Sticky Notes

40. Handy Sticky Notes: With these sticky notes you can make a point, give thumbs up, and some more. Buy here.


8-Bit Hand Sticky Notes Pad

41. 8-Bit Hand Sticky Notes Pad



Creative Sticky Notes

42. Brick Sticky Notes: These sticky notes shaped like red bricks will turn any wall into a realistic looking brick wall.

43. Building-Shaped Sticky Notes: Naruse-Inokama Architects took unused wood from homes, turned them into paper, and then made little building-shaped sticky notes.


Creative Sticky Notes

44. Geometry Sticky Notes: Make your day brighter using 9 different designs to choose from these geometric stickies.


Creative Sticky Notes

45. Pie Chart Sticky Notes: Each set is made up of some great colors and combines graphs & sticky notes (and pie!).


46. Spoon and fork

Creative Sticky Notes

47. Bulb sticky notes


48. Memo Clock by designone – just write notes next to the clock

49. Memo pad + Clock


50. Air Mail Notes by perpetualkid

51.  Silly Shaped Page Markers by Suck UK, Buy it here




[via #1, #2, #3#4]


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