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Top 15 Posts on 1DesignPerDay in 2012

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1. 80+ Most Creative 2012 Calendar Design

2. 20+ Cool Street Art Works by OaKoAk


3. Have a Sprite Shower!


4. Ribbons to become various animals


5. Portraits Made Using People as Pixels


6. 110 Most Creative Wine Label Designs


7. 8 Creative Bread Packaging


8. Amazing Drawings on Dusty Cars



9. 15 Most Creative Electric Sockets


10. 3D Screw Portraits by Andrew Myers


The Whimsical Street Art of Nomerz street art

11. Urban Faces by Nomerz


12. The Mark Brothers by Peleg Design


Lego Simpsons ad poster image

13. The Lego Imagine Ad Campaign


14. OTOTO New Products for 2012


15. Left Overs from December 2011:

33 Most Creative Christmas Advertisements (Part #2)

Tattooed LEGOs by PILOT

60 Most Creative Candles Design

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