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Christmas presents sneak peek using X-Rays

Romantic: This pretty gift box contains a necklace, which will bring a tear to someone's eye on Christmas morning (unless they've already peeked)

Can't bear the wait? Radiologist Hugh Turvey took a sneak peak at what's under the tree

Artist Hugh Turvey is well familier for his X-Rays artworks. This year he found the perfect way to sneak a peek at presents without having to rewrap them with his series of X-rays of Christmas presents…

Remember to write 'thank you' cards: These ballpoint pens might come in handy - you can even see the springs in the pen

Something for the wrist: A bracelet undergoes the X-Ray treatment

Booby prize! Just socks, we're afraid, in this parcel

A Christmas staple these last few years: One lucky child will be buzzing the living room and breaking ornaments with this remote controlled helicopter

Some decorative colours: Christmas baubles still look similar thanks to their empty interiors<

Just crackers! Even the smallest of gifts cannot escape the gaze of the X-Ray machine

Still a mystery? A set of golf-tees can be seen in the right cracker - but you might need to pull the cracker to discover what the other two are

Switching focus: The X-Ray machine picks up a digital camera in this parcel, with a trusty USB cable at the top of the box

Time for a soak: After the hectic stress of the day is complete, one lucky person can relax with this body lotion set

Chips with your tablet: Here's one of Christmas's most-wanted gifts - an iPad under the tree

Put your feet up: A pair of slippers go under the X-ray gaze as Christmas comes early

More X-Rays artwork: X-Ray Photography by Nick Veasey


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