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The Outdoor Library

Artist Sanja Medić designed unique library building in Lootsstraat, Amsterdam  – placing local 250 pieces of ceramics books which appear to be stored on the building facade. LOVE it.

“The building is situated in Lootsstraat, in a neighbourhood where streets are named after Dutch poets and writers from the 18th and 19th century (e.g. C. Loots, J.van Lennep, J.P. Heije, J. Kinker, A.C.W. Staring). The work is a ‘library’ consisting of 250 unique ceramic books. Each book carries the title of a poem from on of the above mentioned poets or a drawing from the famous 18th century type book by Johan Enschede. This project is realised through close collaboration with the ceramist P. Kemink (Koloriet, Amsterdam) and graphic designers Melle Hammer and Susanne Laws.”




Join our 35,000+ followers