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40+ Most Creative 2013 Calendar Design

2013 Calendar Cute Star wars 5x7

calendar design

In countinue to last year post 80+ Most Creative 2012 Calendar Design we bring you the 2013 version.

2013 Calendar Cute Star wars 5x7
1. Cute Star Wars by Loopz (Etsy)

2. Bubble Calendar –  a poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop every day. Buy here.

calendar design

3. Dog Calendar by Gus and Abby


calendar design

4. Pocket Calendar by Ink Scissors Paper


calendar design

calendar design

5. The sun, it shines by Spring Once More


2013 Calendar Cute Animal 5x7

6. Cute Animal by Loopz (Etsy)

calendar design 

7. Monthly Measure by Sebastian Bergne

8. Zoo calendar – each month a diffrent animal

calendar design

9. Typodarium 2013 by Raban Ruddigkeit and Lars Harmsen

calendar design

10. This Puzzle Calendar

11. Planet Calendar 2013 by designer Szani Mészáros

12. Fluid Animals – Each month features one of these Ben the Illustrator pieces

Animal Matryoshka 2013 calendar

13. Animal Matryoshka by Loopz (Etsy store).

14. Move with spirals by Łukasz Drwal

15. Geometric seasons series by Oleg Dzogan

16. Jumping Point calendar from MoMA (buy it here).

17. Idiom calendar by Serious Whims (available on Etsy)

18. Letterpress calendar from 1canoe2.

Wild Animal 2013 Calendar

19. Wild animal by Loopz

20. European heroes by Kareem Gouda

calendar design

21. Cat Calendar by Studio Lin

22.  Perpetual Yearly Wall Planner by  Sam Osborne

23. Moon Calendar 2013 by Sergejs Parfenovics

24.  The Playground by Calix Wong


25.  2013 Calendar – Desert Island by Mikhail Morosin

26. 2013 Pop-up Calendar by Ngoc Thuy Do

calendar design

27. Maple Veneer Wall Calendar by Melanie Linder

28. Grow Your Own Calendar

29. Wall Calendar (any year)

2013 Calendar Tea Towel

30. 2013 Calendar Tea Towel


32. On This Day Calendar – A heat sensitive calendar full of interesting facts. Touch one of the black squares with your finger and watch it disappear to reveal an interesting fact of something that happened on that day.

33. 2013 Mountain Calendar – Each outline of a mountain represents a month of the year, days are numbered along the outline. Buy it here

Gregor Unravelling Knitted Calendar Scarf

34. Knitted Scarf Calendar – as days goes by just pull on a stitch that unwinds. Buy it here ($59).

35. Imbroglio Calendar (99$) –  Imbroglio means hidden and only using t he plastic cursor that frames and defines the numbers 1 -31 you will know what date is it.

36. Gideon Dagan Perpetual Calendar – Buy it here ($40)

37. 2013 Phases of the Moon Calendar (8.5$)

Pantone Calendar
38.  Pantone magnetic calendar (prototype), designed by Stokke Austad.

A “post-it” system with 365 magnetic plates placed with 4 shades of color to represent each season.

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39. Rendij Moon Surface Framed

44. Life Calendar: How was your day? by Brigada Creativa – The 365 days are represented by an emoticon that you have to draw as the day has gone (very good, good, regular, bad, very bad).

45. Life Calendar: Love Life, Day by Day by Brigada Creativa – The 365 days are represented by a heart divided into 4 parts: Time together, Conversation, Caress-Kisses and Sex. Just mark your day according to the activity you had.

46. Farm Calendar by Katsumi Tamura for Good Morning, Inc.

47. Rocking Chair Desk Calendar by Katsumi Tamura for Good Morning, Inc.

More creative calendars can be found at last year post:

80+ Most Creative 2012 Calendar Design

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