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Your glasses have mustache

Mr. Musta

Check inside 10 more cool mustache eyewear stands


Korean design firm, DaN came out with  Mr. Musta, “Gorgeous Mustache Eyeglasses Holder” that will ensure that your glasses look stylin’ both onand off your face 🙂

Each eyeglass holder comes packaged for easy assembly: the box includes its unique mustache design, nose piece and a back support for standing upright (there’s also a hole in the back for hanging). Among the 14 available designs ranging from the dandy to the creepy, there’s one female face, set apart by her full red lips, and named “Marilyn,” naturally.
Buy online at 1300k or 10×10.

Mr. Musta - Mustache Eyeglasses Holder

Join our 35,000+ followers