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What does spaghetti and tape dispenser have in common?

Spaghetti Tower


Answer inside …

Israeli design studio OTOTO presented recently these two cool products – Spaghetti Tower not only stores your pasta, it also acts as a spaghetti measure to dispense 1 – 4 portions. An award winning design, the cap has four different openings to select the quantity of pasta required.

Spaghetti Tower  is now available (black/white) at our store for just 23.99$ including shipping worldwide!

Spaghetti Tower

See how the twofer can measure 4 different portions

The other great product is made for the office table – Roller Tape – funky roller dispenser with storage space for spare rolls.  the roller is available in 2 colours: black or white and two tapes included.

Get it for 18.99$ at our store including shipping worldwide!


One other products OTOTO brought to the world is the TeaSub – tea infuser shaped as a submarine – also can be found here (12.99$).

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