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Pencil vs. Camera Art by Ben Heine

  • September 9, 2012
  • In: Art

Best friend

Delicate steps

40 more amazing examples of Ben Heine artwork inside

Pencil Vs Camera is a mix of photography, drawing, and reality. This innovative concept has been initiated by Ben Heine. check it out:
The proposal

I miss you too

Home Calling
Let's get lost
Key to success

Laughing Donkey
Fairy tale

I love my bike
It's cool


You can do it
Alien invasion
Don't leave me
For Sail
Empty chairs
Tweet tweet
Friends forever
Fly me

Upside down
No more violence
Tram 28
Super Mario
Who do you think you are?
Freedom is not far
Volcanic world
King of the alley
Mixed Reality
Naughty rabbit
See through 1

Chain reaction
New sheriff in town
Leap of faith
Half Real
See through 2

Mind game
eat me



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