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6 Camper Van You Must Have

Summer+weekend is the best timing to have a look on designed camper vans 🙂

Above:  awesome fold out camper van



Prototype of Mehrzeller, a completely customizable trailer shaped like a poligon




The VW Camper You Alwayes Wanted


NAU, the design studio comes up with a concept of Vehicle which can be used for stationary living with its own  expandable roof with solar panels for self power supply .

Opera by Ysin unfolds at the push of a button 🙂



colim rv concept Colim Combination Car/Camper: Stylish And Luxurious

medium 3255469473 7d4857bac0 o Colim Combination Car/Camper: Stylish And Luxurious

Colim Concept Camper designed by Christian Susana: Stylish And Luxurious




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