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25 Coolest Bottle Openers

Above:  Clicker Bottle Opener Universal Remote

Above: This Guinness Pint Bottle Opener Baseball Cap ($17.00) has a convinient bottle opener on the visor, so you’ll always have it with you on a sunny day


Razor Bottle Opener by Artori Studio – very stylish! get it on AnimiCausa.com for only 17$ incl. worldwide shipping



The Reef Sandal Bottle Opener ($13.49 – $39.95) – for having some beer on the beach

Ladies version – these shoes have a beer opener on the heel. $69 at Earth Angel


This belt ($15.50) is not only adjustable to fit any size beer gut, but the buckle features a handy bottle opener.

BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt –  lets you open your beer anywhere you want to.

Cuff Links Bottle Opener – will make you the star of the party 🙂

Ring Thing Bottle Opener ($12.95) – always with you 🙂

The TrekStor USB-Stick with Bottle Opener ($43.71)

It’s the world’s only credit card that doesn’t expire. Credit Card Bottle Opener ($6.19)

The Key Bottle Opener ($9.48) can’t open a secret chest filled with gold dubloons but it can open a beer 🙂

The “iBottle Opener” is an iPhone case with extra functionality

iDrink Beer Bottle Opener

BeerClip, bottle opener money clip.

Fossil Billfold Bomber Wallet with Bottle Opener ($28)


Top Gear Bottle Opener

elephant bottle opener

Elephant Bottle Opener

Most bottle openers are stored away when not used, but this well-designed stainless steel elephant bottle opener deserves its own spot on the kitchen counter or on top of the fridge. Designed by Jørgen Møller.

Beer Hammer Bottle Opener & Ice Crusher


Crowbar Bottle Opener (25$)


Recycled Phone Bottle Opener


Beer Tracker Bottle Opener – very usefuyll when you are drunk

Buy online, $10, Gadgets.DK

Officially licensed, the Simpsons Homer Talking Bottle Opener ($7.99) goes crazy for beer everytime you use this bottle opener.


Hold Up Bottle Opener


Bottle Opener Lighters

Beer Case Opener – that’s what I call great ending!

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