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12 Most Creative Popsicle Molds

1. Above: Hog Wild Dino Pops:- Set of four molds to create Dinosaur shaped popsicles. ($17)


2. Bunny pops – Popsicle makers

Add some magic flavor to your popsicles buy simply fill the popsicle molds with your favorite juice, wait until they freeze and Abracadabra! The bunnies pop right out, Yum!

Bunny pops are the perfect size for small hands and bellies and they have built-in handles and deep drip guards to minimize mess and sticky fingers.

Bunny pops cost 15.99 $ on AnimiCausa.com (include free shupping worldwide).

3. Browne & Co Cuisipro Snap Fit Robot Pop Mold: – Robot shaped mold for a set of 6. ($10)


4.  Lego Mini figure Ice Lollipop Mold (29$)


5. Monster Fun Ice Pop Molds (9$)


6. Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker –  freezes popsicles in about seven minutes on your counter-top, no electricity needed! All you have to do is freeze the unit 24 hours in advance, then you’re ready to make those pops in a matter of minutes. $36.99

7. Rocket Ice Pop Molds $9.49)

8. soft-serve Orka pops

9. Bug Pop Molds: Ladybug, Caterpillar and Beetle shaped popsicles. ($12.40)


10 Jewel Pop Molds ($10.60)

11. Sailboat Freezer Pop Maker (10$)



12. Tovolo Ice Cream Pop Molds (10$)


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