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Space Invaders are everywhere!

  • June 6, 2012
  • In: Art

Did you know there are 1000 Space Invaders in Paris and more than 2,700 Invaders worldwide?


Today we have a guest post of a very good friend and talented blogger and photographer – Sivan Askayo who tell us about cool street art project that attract any kid growing in the 80’s like me 🙂
The ‘Space Invader or ‘The Invader‘ is a nick name for a French street artist who is known for pasting up characters inspired by the 80’s video game ‘Space Invaders‘ made up of small and colored mosaic tiles. In fact, his identity is quite secretive and he wants to keep it that way.
The locations for these colorful mosaic tiles are not random at all. In fact, they are chosen carefully by the ‘Invader’ artist himself who prefers busy locations with lots of human traffic, but also favors some more hidden locations that people can hardly reach out too; All above eye level, on walls, on statues, on bridges, above store fronts, and often on street corners in areas of high visibility.
When the ‘Invader‘ arrives in a city he usually keep a map and spends at least a week to install them. They are all catalogued, pictured and mapped across the world.  Here is a detailed map of all 2,700 of hem worldwide.
As a photographer who follows Street Art and Street Artists all over the world, the space invader is definitely playing an important role.



You can find more posts from Sivan in her personal blog here

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