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Your City DNA as Artwork

  • April 4, 2012
  • In: Art

Guess which city DBA is it?Inside 8 more DNA painitings

City DNA‘ series by chinese painter Lu Xinjian is a set of cities formed as abstracts acrylic paintings on canvas based on aerial views from google earth
The paintings actually represent what in architecture is termed ‘city DNA’: the structure and form, whether planned or happenstance, of an urban settlement. the colours of each piece are chosen based on the official city and national flags.

Above: Moscow



‘stockholm’ (2010)

‘the triumph of new york’ (2010)


‘munich’ (2011)


‘hong kong’ (2010)


‘shanghai’ (2011)


‘los angeles’ (2010)


‘port of LA’ (2011)



from left to right, top row: london, fribourg, madrid, paris
bottom row: groningen, las vegas, new delhi, kyoto


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