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The Colorful Artwork of David Gerstein

  • March 29, 2012
  • In: Art

Inside see 20 examples of David Gerstein artwork

David Gerstein is an Israeli artist who works on the border line between painting and sculpture. In recent years, Gerstein has developed a post-pop art style characterized by bold colored, multilayered cutout steel, which could be defined as “wall sculptures”. His work has been exhibited in museums and is currently exhibited throughout the world in public venues and various galleries.

Among Gerstein artwork you can find not jut big objects but also pins, mini sculptures, small paintings at an affordable price you can find in this trusted eBay seller.


Brush Strokes Bowl Metal Wall Sculpture This seller accepts PayPal

Metal Art Sunflower Flowers Modern Vase (184$)

Jaffa Bird Metal Modern Sculpture (115$)

 David Gerstein, Life Style


 David Gerstein, Jazz and the City

Saxophone Player Jazz Club (175$)This seller accepts PayPal 

Gerstein most notable public sculpture to date is Singapore’s Momentum sculpture, currently Singapore’s tallest public sculpture:

David Gerstein Works Art Book 2011 Hard Cover  (37$)

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