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60 Most Creative Candles Design

60 examples how candles can be creatiive and inspiring. Enjoy!

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1. Chalkboard Candle – new romantic messege each time you light it  (30$ on Amazon)

2.  Light Bulb Candle designed by System Design STUDIO

3. Camera Candle – vintage polaroid style

4. 80 Hour Candle and you can even refill it! (31$ on Amazon)


5. Tea Cup Shape Table Candle

6. Swiss Cheese Candle… looks delicious!  [link]


7. Sushi Candles, comes with 4 pieces of sushi plus a side of wasabi and pickled ginger. (24$ on Amazon)


8. Rock Candles [link]


9. River Rock Candle (12$)

18 45 Creative and Unusual Candles Designs

10. Fresh-Baked Cookies Candle Set:


11. Fried Egg Candle [link]

12. Boiled Egg

13. Bottle Candle

14. Cappuccino Coffee Candle [link]

30 45 Creative and Unusual Candles Designs

14. Beer Candle

15. Ketchup? no! it’s a ketchop bottle shaped candle

16. Ice Cream candle

17. Cupcake Candle by Limor Yaron - (9.99$ with free shipping worldwide on AnimiCause)

18. Corn candle

19. Sweet candle

20. Melt Candle [link]

21. BIC Lighter Candle [link]

22. Another Lighter Candle

23. Candlestrip – will make you think twice about your energy usage

candles3 45 Creative and Unusual Candles Designs

24.  5 Minute Candles - Although it looks like book of matches, inside you will find 10 small candles that can be lite attached or separated.

Find it here for $6/4 pack

07 45 Creative and Unusual Candles Designs

25. Matches candle that can also hold it By Loony Design

26. Candle with  a place for matches box By Jeremy Walton

27. another matches candle

27. Fred version for cake candle

28. Giant Lego Candles [Product page]

29. Blokz candle (12$)

Camera Candel By Darin Montgomery (USA)

30. Hand Gesture Candles from Atelier WM. The [link]

31. Lips candle

32. lipstick candle

33. Wedding dress candle

34. Wax urn shaped candle


35. heal shoe candle

36. Baby Shoe Candle (5$)

37. Sneakers candle


38. Billyard balls candle

39. Gold Granade candle

41. glass of water with a transparent candle

Stacked Poker Chip Candles - Medium Stack

42. Stacked Poker Chip Candles

43. Bomb&dynamit candles

44. Money to burn candle (6$)

45. Light Bulb Candle, no electricity required [link]


46. Bent Objects by Terry Border  – LOVE it!

47. transistor candle

48. Smurfs is always funny to watch


49. Even santa gets a candle


50. Candlestrip: one to many candles


51.  Acqua di Parma – Candles for men


52. Bleeding Pillar


53. Star Wars Darth Vadar Candle

54. Origami Crane Floating Candles


55. The Car Burning Candle

30 Cool Candle Designs (30) 1

56.Cactus Candles: These look incredibly lifelike and comes in boxes of 4 Cacti.

58. Animal candles – love it

59. Gun candle by Sonia Marques

60. Emmanuel Bourrousse “Fire place” – love the shape of it

 [via 1, 2, 3, 4]

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1 Comment to "60 Most Creative Candles Design"

1 | Vaijiro

15 de December de 2011 to ● 11:31 AM

Hey! About the No. 46 -“great candle with no details about”, I’m pretty sure it’s from the Bend objects series by Terry Border. Couldn’t find this particular one on his official site, but had it here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/culturepicturegalleries/6407277/Bent-Objects-by-Terry-Border-The-Secret-Life-of-Everyday-Things.html?image=2

Thanks for the inspiration!

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