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Cool Jewelry Line for Kids by ojxdi

Oliver Jeffers and Digby & Iona Studio join forces to bring us this incredibly adorable jewelry line for kids and kids-at-heart  called ojxdi (their initials). All items are based on Oliver Jeffers’ childrens books characters.

Above: Penguin Ring – The Penguin was first featured in Oliver Jeffers’ book Lost and Found in 2005 and has had a cameo in every book since then. The Penguin is revered for his particularly stoic character.

 Penguin Necklace

Boy Necklace – Once there was a boy, and he first came to fame with his ambitious plan of having a star for a friend.
Since then, he has been to the South Pole, the moon, flown an airplane, and made friends with a Martian.

Paper Airplane Necklace – A papery device that is featured heavily the ‘The Great Paper Caper‘.
Who doesn’t enjoy making a good paper airplane?
Even if you are not very good at it.

Book Eating Boy Necklace – Henry, the character from ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy‘, likes books, but not like you and I like books. No, Henry liked to eat books.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you really could eat books to get smarter, like Henry found out he was able to do.

Charm Braclet – Why choose? Get them all in one:  
The Plane from ‘The Great Paper Caper‘,
The Bottle from ‘The Heart & the Bottle‘,
The Boy‘ and ‘The Penguin‘.


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