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Cool Stuff I Found This Week #19

Each week I will post about cool stuff I found and hadn’t had a chance to publish . Enjoy!


Above #1: Forensic pillows by LostCity
Forensic means ‘for the courts’. Lost City delved into specific objects that are considered trace evidence at a crime scene. Fascinated by the different shapes, angles, hues, and distribution of blood spatter patterns, the scientific and gothic allure of strands of hair,the intriguing biometric techniques of fingerprinting and DNA analysis, we decided to translate and transform these somewhat macabre but intriguing objects into hand embroidered works of beauty on canvas pillows.

Above #2: Rye Bread Buns to help fight breast cancer

From Denmark’s largest bread manufacturers, Kohberg, come these beautiful buns wrapped in pink and all spruced up to be a real knockout on the shelf. Better yet, with every purchase money is donated to the Danish Cancer Society to help fight breast cancer. Sure beats throwing money in a jug.

Instagram iPhone Case

Casetagram Creates Custom iPhone Cases From Your Instagram Photos

Storage Bag & Play Mat-in-One perfect gift.for youing kids parents

Post-It Note Watches

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