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Cool Stuff I Found This Week #17

Each week I will post about cool stuff I found and hadn’t had a chance to publish . Enjoy!

Eyal Soodai just introduce Mr. T, a cool  heavy weight Toilet Paper stand available in 3 colors: Red, Green & Blue

This Piggy Bank  is capable of handling 17 plugs at a time! Designed by Art Lebedev Studio


Achieve The Perfect T-Shirt Fold

The latest from SUCK UK is a T-Shirt Folder, printed T with instructions for the ideal folding style. [via]

Here is a video showing how to do 2 seconds folding with any T-shirt in your closet


A Pot Holder Fit For Your Special Brownies

A Pot Holder Fit For Your Special Brownies 🙂


How do you like your hot drink? You can have a mug personalized with your name and drink order, may it be coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Buy it here.


Flab Table flab table kenyon yeh furniture design

London-based designer Kenyon Yeh has created the Flab Table, a table with laser cut table legs.  via

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Don’t forget to smile 🙂


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