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Ron Arad new design can be found on your nose

Next week Ron Arad will launch his first frame collection at the Silmo exhibition and we got first images!!!
 Ron Arad, Israeli designer and architect collaborate with Pq Eyewear to launch this year a new glasses collections
‘I felt there was something missing in the eyewear world. Many brands just focus on retro styles and don’t develop anything exciting, so I thought it was a great opportunity to design something new,’ said Arad on the design concept.

The collaboration has spawned three collections the A-Frame, Corbs and Silicon.


A-Frame, collection of 20 different frames, all with nose shape of the letter A , also serves as adjustable nose bridge for best fit. To be found in stores by the end of the year.


Corbs his Arad tribute to the famous architect Le Corbusier. Crafted from a single block of acetate and features a new hinge concept where the outside of the frames are flat, but the inside is slatted so the temples can move inwards without bending outwards.

Should be out on March 2012


Designed to accept different types of lenses. Without lenses, the frames are akin to children’s spectacles, but stretch to allow virtually any style of lens, creating a host of shape possibilities for the patient.

Meet Corbs
The sunglasses case by Ron Arad

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