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Sonar Wach & More by Samuel Jerichow


Samuel Jerichow design amazing watches, here is a taste from 3 concept models he designed

The Sonar Watch

 Inspired by scanning devices for scanning targets in sci-fi movies, the Sonar Watch has three themes – blue for sonar, green for radar, and red for a scanner interface. The time is shown as three targets which are lit up. By pressing a button, a radar/sonar/scanner animation will play. The dots represent the hour, minutes and seconds.

The Hexagons LED watch uses neon tube-like hexagons to form an esoteric message that displays the time. Hours are shown in green and the minutes are in cyan, and the wearer can also choose between 5 different difficulty settings.

 The Rorschach watch has an e-ink display that generates inkblots to tell time. It’s a little difficult to read but once your eye is trained to recognize the patterns, it should become second nature.

Join our 35,000+ followers