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18 ABSOLUT BLANK Creative Ads

Beside being an amazing vodka, ABSOLUT is also an artistic add factory 🙂  Their latest collab is the ABSOLUT BLANK where the iconic ABSOLUT bottle proves to be a challenging canvas for 18 designers from varied backgrounds. The result are 18 exquisite creations that range from cutwork, artwork, lights installations to miniature crafts. We’ve compiled all 18 works into one post, enjoy!

Above: Dave Kinsey ad

Dan Ibarra and Michael Byzewski of Aesthetic Apparatus

Kentborn artist David Bray

Becky Bolton and Louis Chappell.

Mario Wagner

Brett Amory

Eduardo Recife

Fernando Chamarelli

Jeremy Fish

Ludovica Gioscia

Marcus Jansen

Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto

Robert Mars

Sam Flores

Chuck Close and Bernard Pras

Adhemas Batista

United Visual Artists

Thomas Doyle


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Join our 35,000+ followers