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GYMBOX – Gymboree at your home

Check out this video to find how 80cm box can become a Gymboree

The GYMBOX – A Motor Activity Center for the Home Environment  (or just call it Gymboree 🙂 ) will make your home fun and challenging  for babies and kids up to the age of 6 with over 100 different exercises.

:GYMBOX is a modular cube, two sizes obtainable : 80*80*80 cm (32 inches cube) spreads into 2.4*3.2 m. and  100*100*100 cm (39 inches cube) spreads into 3 m * 4 m.

Imsges below show the GYMBOX from cube to fully operated.

From GYMBOX website:
GYMBOX is designed to provide a variety of activities to enhance the development of motor skills, coordination, sense of balance and emotional and social skills in toddlers

GYMBOX gives parents a chance to access their child’s motor world as it becomes available to the parent to view and participate. The parent and child quality time, therefore, enjoys the benefit of enhancing development through fun and play 

Join our 35,000+ followers