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Facebook Dedicated Keyboard

SNAK – Social Network Access Keyboard from Social Keyboards is a typical multimedia USB keyboard with 104 keys, where 19 of them are hotkeys dedicated just for Facebook – once you sign in to FB the hotkeys are enabled.

Here is a list of the 19 SNAK hotkeys:

  • Messages – Takes you directly to your Inbox
  • Notifications – See what’s new on your network
  • Edit Profile – Quickly access and edit your profile
  • Events – Find and create events swiftly
  • Groups – Join new groups or edit existing groups
  • Friends – View, Edit or Contact a full list of your current friends
  • Phonebook – Find all of your friends’ phone numbers instantly
  • Help Center – Facbook’s help center
  • Account Settings – Quickly access all of your personal account settings
  • Privacy Settings – Adjust who can view your profile
  • Home – Takes you directly to www.Facebook.com
  • Sleep – Instantly hide Facebook, putting your computer to sleep
  • Photos – Access a full list of all current photos
  • Upload Photos – Upload a photo directly with a click of a button
  • Upload Videos – Upload a video directly with a click of a button
  • Games – Mafia Wars, Farmville, Cafeville, etc. Play them NOW!
  • Links – Find all links posted by you and your friends
  • Ads + Pages – Edit your Ads and Pages for your business or secondary page
  • Facebook For Developers – Press this button if you are a developer or webmaster




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Join our 35,000+ followers