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A Feng Shui Cube by Space Flavor


Space Flavor, an architecture firm from US designed this new living as rollable steel-framed cube, eight feet per side.

The relatively tiny structure is actually two stories: Downstairs is a sleeping compartment and study area (arranged in a yin-yang pattern seen from plan view), upstairs is a meditation loft. Roller shades can close off the “downstairs” compartments, and when lit from within the cube resembles a giant lantern. The bottom step of the integrated stairway features a shoe/slipper drawer so your filthy shoes never touch the cube’s flooring. And the entire thing’s on wheels, so the Feng Shui guy can rotate the structure to face in particular directions to accede to the demands of his, you know, barbarian gods.



The cube is designed so that its constituent parts all fit through a standard doorway, and the entire thing can be assembled, and disassembled, using regular tools.


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