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12 Most Creative Mitten Designs

Here are creative ways to worm your hands 🙂

1. Hedgehog Mitts KnitKit by Morehouse Farm

Kate Spade - Left/Right Mittens

2,3.Taxim R& L by Whimsical Mittens




4. 2 become one  – The Smitten  [via Cocoknits]

5. Underpants for your hands [via Handerpants]

6. HI-5  [via Kate Spade]

7. Shark Mitts! Perfect for harassing tourists on cold mornings. [via Morehouse Farm]

9. Nanoo Nanoo! [via knithacker]

10. PacMan  [via Etsy]

11. eatoble  [via Daily Fork]

12. Built-in handholding device. [via Ucreate]

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