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Valentine’s Special: 34 Creative Heart Shaped Product Designs

Valentine Day is just around the corner – get 34 ideas what to buy for your love one 🙂

1. Heart Shaped Umbrella [link]

2. Panton Heart Shaped Cone Chair [link]

3. Heart Beat USB Memory Key [link]


4. Huggable lights [link]

5. Heart Shaped Bookmarks [link]

6. Red Heart Shaped Clock

7. Blue Banana Heart Design Handbag


8. Heart-shaped Hole Case for iPhone

9. red heart shaped mugs


10. Sticky Notes, Memo Cube, Shaped Heart, Mixed Color


11. Silicone Ice Cube Tray, Heart


12. Heart-Shaped Wafflemaker 

13. Valentine homemade Heart Cake? Check out the Heart Cake Tutorial!


14. Heart Shaped Spoon


15. Little Heart Drinking Glass by Etienne Meneau [link]


16. Heart-Shaped Tea Infuser

17. Kitchen Craft Heart Shaped Chocolate Fondue Gift Set with Two Matching Forks [link]

18. Heart Shaped Frying Pan [link]

19. “Heart to Heart” Interlocking Salt and Pepper Shaker [link]

20. French Heart-Shaped Sugar Cubes [link]

21. Lovers MP3 Player [link]

22. Heart Shaped Mirror [link]

23. Icoya Fireplace [link]

24. Heart shaped Car [link]


25. Heart Shaped USB hub


26. Heart Shaped candle holder

27. Heart Shaped mouse

28. Heart Shaped Whirlpool Bathtub [link]

29. Music in Love Audio Splitter [link]

30. Studded Heart Shaped Ear-drops [link]

31. Aly and AJ Heart Shaped Guitar [link]

32. Heart door hendle

33. “Ventricle Vessel” is a heart shaped, glass vase, designed by Eva Milinkovic.

34. Heart Shaped Paper Clips

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