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26 Creative and Funny Tissue Boxes

Magic Hat Tissue Dispenser

Surfer Tissue Box Cover

Inside  cool collection of unusual tissue boxes design.

1. Magic Hat Tissue Dispenser – Become a magician with this unique tissue dispenser. [link]

2. Surfer Tissue Box Cover

3. Spiderman Tissue Box

Parachute Tissue Box Cover

4. Parachute Tissue Box Cover

Shakespeare Tissue Box Cover

5. Shakespeare Tissue Box Cover  [link]


Stone Statue Tissue Box Cover

6. Stone Statue Tissue Box Cover – inspired by the giant stone statues on Easter Island. [link]

7. Octopus Tissue Box

8. King Kong Tissue Box

R2-D2 Roll Tissue Cover

9. R2-D2 Roll Tissue Cover [link]


Wooden Tissue Box

10. Wooden Tissue Box– design by Yamato from Japan. [link]


Daishowa Black Tissues

11. Daishowa Black Tissues by Black Tissues from Japan. [link]

Perfect Slice of Summer Tissue Boxes

Perfect Slice of Summer Tissue Box

12. Perfect Slice of Summer Tissue Boxes by Hiroko Sanders  [link]


Talking Tissue Box

13. Talking Tissue Box [link]

Super Mario Tissue Box

14. Super Mario Tissue Box [link]

15. Book of Tissue Box

16. Cat Tissue Box

Toro Tissue Ring

17. Toro Tissue Ring  [link]

Nintendo Famicom Tissue Box Cover

18. Nintendo Famicom Tissue Box Cover[link]

Hot Tea Tissue Box Cover

19. Hot Tea Tissue Box Cover

20. Cake Tissue Box


Apple G4 Cube Tissue Box

 21. Apple G4 Cube Tissue Box


Paper Pot

22. Paper Pot link]

Carbon Fiber Tissue Box

23. Carbon Fiber Tissue Box


24. The ‘washing machine’ tissue box

25.  Aristic shape of  tissue box

26.  The Smoke Tissue Case by  Je Sung Park for W-Works


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