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12 More Funny Door Stoppers Designs

Stop Doorstop - Pink

Here is a continue post for 5 Cool Door Stoppers Designs

1. Stop Doorstop

2.  duckbill door stopper at design3000.

3. humperdink’s dilemma doorstop has been created by sydney design studio dolop.

 creative door stoppers

4. Banana Doorstop – try not to slip on it 🙂

 creative door stoppers

5. Mr P Doorstop

 creative door stoppers

6. Nougthy door stop

 creative door stoppers

7. Swiss Cheese Doorstop

 creative door stoppers

8. Gold Doorstop Designed by Arik Levy

 creative door stoppers

9. Kangaroo door stop

Pop The Weasel Door Stop

10. Pop The Weasel Door Stop [link]

11. Mouse Shaped Doorstop [amazon]

Funny Blue Smiling Face Design Rubber Door Stopper Doorstop 

12. Funny Smiling Face Design Rubber Door Stopper

Want more? check  5 Cool Door Stoppers Designs

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