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Groovy Luggage – will make your old luggage envy




 TOKYOTO from Spain is introducing fresh Cabin luggage design called Groovy that look like your luggage got tattoo 🙂

Currently, the luggage can only be acquired online.  Available in different colors. 

TOKYOTO Luggage is a unique cabin luggage collection which showcases distinctive designs and eye-catching patterns.We are a global manufacturer created in Spain in 2009 with international presence in France and Germany.

TOKYOTO products are exclusive and select; each model belonging to limited edition collections conceived through innovation and creativity.  We cater to travelers who are lighthearted, fun, and free spirited; people who are willing to differentiate themselves through daring and bold accessories as a complement to their personalities. 

Visit TOKYOTO website for more details.

Join our 35,000+ followers