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10 Creative Waffle Irons

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1. From Typewriter to a Waffle Iron

Problem: Typewriter – Take this now useless item and give it a new life than it was intended to have.
Solution: The “Corona-Matic” a typewriter turned into a waffle iron that makes keyboard shaped waffles.


2. Animal Waffle Iron (26$)

3. Miniature Waffle Iron

4. Texas-Sized Waffle Iron (67$)


5. Snoopy Waffle Iron

6. Mickey Mouse Waffle Iron (33$)

7. Hello Kitty Waffle Iron

8. Hearts Waffle Iron (34$)

penguin woddles waffles


9. Woddles penguin waffle maker 

10. Rose bouquet waffle iron (find in Amazon)

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7 Comments to "10 Creative Waffle Irons"

1 | laura sweet

8 de December de 2010 to ● 10:36 PM

Is the keyboard waffle iron real? No links to purchase these?
come on, can’t show us something so fun and then not tell us where to get them!

2 | 1designperday

9 de December de 2010 to ● 6:48 AM

google it :)

3 | Blue Penguin

9 de December de 2010 to ● 1:17 PM

What a great post – that typewriter is just brilliant! My next thought before scrolling down was how good a penguin waffle would be… and then you had one! Thanks for making my night (and adding to my list of kitchen wanna-haves…)

5 | 1designperday

11 de September de 2011 to ● 11:05 PM


6 | Terry-Anne

17 de April de 2012 to ● 6:37 PM

LOVED the blog post. Links would have made it perfect.

7 | Delia Walberger

14 de November de 2012 to ● 12:07 AM

Desperately searching for Woodles the Penguin Waffle Maker.

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