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2 New Designs From Keith Zheng


Keith Zheng is one of the young designers that presenting  their work this week at New Designers Exhibitionin London. Here are 2 recent projects out of her portfolio:

Project 1 (above): Buro – A home office desk & storage solution project made with Habitat.

The boundary between Living and Working in a home office are often blurred. Home office user often find themselves working non stop. Their work and family life often cross over as working and living are under the same roof. BURO re-creates a boundary by using the simple gesture of opening the cover. Opening it indicates the notion to start working and once finish work, the work and clutter are hidden away by closing the cover. Without the work in view, user’s mind can comfortably ease back to the relaxed “home” state.

Project 2 (below): Radiator Rack– An research base project base on the book: “Thoughtless Acts” by Jane Fulton Suri and IDEO

The everyday environment often show evidence of people’s creativity in reinterpreting and adapting objects, improvising them to make up for what they lack. Understanding the constraints in an environment and observing how we adapt, exploit and react to things creates new opportunities and products to address specific issues. Research shows that people often dry their laundry on the radiator during winter. This observation leads to designing an innovative radiator rack that exploit the heart property for drying clothes while also helping our environment. When not in use, the small rack act as a storage for your clothes, a place to hang and air dry your wet clothes. And once turned on, a radiator and also a coat warmer providing warm and comfy coat during winter.

Join our 35,000+ followers