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Cosmic Landscape by Ross Lovegrove for Artemide

Ross Lovegrove (UK) has designed three lights for Italian brand Artemide under the name Cosmic Landscape -currently presented in  Milan during the 2010 design week.

“the cosmic landscape appears to have emerged from a digital laval flow of light…out of a ceiling,
out of a wall, out of a floor… releasing its complex shape as algorythmic air… liberated into free space
it seems to cool into a complex three dimensional sponge of light… appearing dematerialized so its
edges blur becoming dimmed and soft on the eyes, changing its color, enjoying its nebula nature.”

Above, the ‘cosmic landscape’ table in white, blue and red.

Above, the ‘cosmic landscape’ ceiling and suspension models

‘cosmic rotation’

[via: designboom ]

Join our 35,000+ followers