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Google Envelopes – concept way of sending mails


Rahul Mahtani & Yofred Moik students from Syracuse University (US) came up with this concept called Google Envelopes that enable you to map the course of mail as if it was a story. Then the envlopes  can be sent through G-Mail itself. ONLY a concept so far, but totally will rock our world.



Google Mail Envelopes by Rahul Mahtani & Yofred Moik

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52 Comments to "Google Envelopes – concept way of sending mails"

1 | Luis

31 de March de 2010 to ● 10:32 AM

When can we use it??
will it be available in Europe?

Great Idea!

2 | Lauren Black

31 de March de 2010 to ● 10:38 AM

Great idea, however it may make things difficult for automated address readers, like those at sorting offices. Plus, that’s great for if the addresses are geographically Northwest-Southeast of each other … what if the sender is down south, and the recipient is up north? Either the map would need to be rotated, or the addresses would be in a non-standard position.

Cool idea, but I think the postal service would need to initiate this one …

3 | andy

4 de April de 2010 to ● 4:23 PM

This is a great idea, and I think the underlying idea of having private industry integrated with the USPS could only serve to enhance their service. People have been complaining for years about the lack of innovation. I think this is a good one!

5 | Nicholas Norton

6 de April de 2010 to ● 1:40 PM

how we can test it?
new concept from google.

6 | wesley Campbell

6 de April de 2010 to ● 11:44 PM

why would you want to leave a direct trail from the sender to the receiver? kinda creepy

7 | amongraga pancasona

13 de April de 2010 to ● 12:56 PM

Hi man, My question same with Nicholas Norton

8 | 1designperday

13 de April de 2010 to ● 5:42 PM

u cant – thats why it’s called concept :)

9 | Katia

16 de May de 2010 to ● 10:32 PM

That’s nice, but usable only for those who live quite close to each other… :-)

10 | algdfa

21 de June de 2010 to ● 2:24 AM

Thanks man this is very usefull

11 | sherinseo

21 de June de 2010 to ● 10:43 AM

Google envelopes!!!…Name is good!!

12 | Russ

21 de June de 2010 to ● 4:41 PM

Since the earth is more or less a sphere, everyone can have the sending address at the top left of the envelope and the receiving address at the lower center. It’s just a matter of scale and rotation. I like it.

13 | Cengiz

22 de June de 2010 to ● 11:16 AM

A new way of cutting more trees?
We must get rid of all paper form e-mail from our lives.

You can still use the idea as an optional hyper-link below your e-mails. When receiver wants, he can click on it and see it as a .jpeg picture on his PC screen…

14 | chelratee

3 de July de 2010 to ● 5:07 PM

I love Cengiz’s idea. If I could I’d send one to my family right now ;-)

15 | Joseph

19 de July de 2010 to ● 11:50 AM

Very smart idea, this puts ‘the human touch’ back to writing. Receiving an actual mail feels just different from an e-mail. Good to keep the postman hired!

16 | 62Morgan

19 de July de 2010 to ● 10:45 PM

Oh…isn’t this cute…… Gee whizz, you take snail mail and try to bring the 21st century int it?

You go through the trouble to spot-on the recipient….but you, instead, print out the display onto an envelope in-lieu-of just emailing? You’re boosting the sale of more print cartridges.

It’s worth a good laugh. Nothing more.

17 | kailyn

20 de July de 2010 to ● 8:07 PM

this is so cool!
i would defiantly use it!

18 | sir jorge

29 de July de 2010 to ● 4:05 AM

that is brilliant, purely brilliant

19 | kay

1 de August de 2010 to ● 9:53 PM

Wow, another great way to waste oil, ink, and money!

20 | Alnilan

2 de August de 2010 to ● 4:46 AM

It is very nice as a concept, but as a real product it uses so much ink. There is no need for all these colors, unless in the future we have an ecological way to make the ink. Yes, there is the paper-problem, but that’s not a big one indeed, as we always can use recycled paper envelopes.
After all of this, that’s a great concept, congratulations for the designers =)

22 | Mark

3 de August de 2010 to ● 1:36 AM

You can tell from some of the comments that some of you have never received a personal letter delivered to you via the postal office. Kind of sad, really.

23 | Alex

3 de August de 2010 to ● 9:57 PM

Don’t be fooled. This was a part of Google’s April Fool’s Day prank. IT’S NOT REAL!

24 | Luvit

3 de August de 2010 to ● 11:17 PM

They still haven’t added it yet, have they?

25 | alal mustif

4 de August de 2010 to ● 5:01 PM

good idea but think of the paper and ink waste!

26 | Max

5 de August de 2010 to ● 3:21 AM

What about going West to East? It would no longer follow the traditional format?

27 | yeo antonio

5 de August de 2010 to ● 9:23 AM

Cool concept .

Physical message sound interesting to me but,
it is still in printed form like a commercial

I still appreciate physical message with handwritting :)

29 | Jeff

13 de August de 2010 to ● 6:32 AM

I think this is a pretty clever concept. The most interesting part is the randomness of how each individual envelope would turn out.

30 | Adrian

13 de August de 2010 to ● 8:17 AM

nice concept, but do you know how much ink/printing would cost for that type of production?

Yeah lets speed up the process of ruining earth with more production of paper and ink!

31 | Aurelia

18 de August de 2010 to ● 8:30 AM

How cool is this? I like this idea :D

32 | dhiufd@mac.com

9 de November de 2010 to ● 8:27 AM

stupid shit!

33 | Jarod

24 de November de 2010 to ● 9:00 PM

Haha cute but who sends snail mail nowadays if it isn’t a package delivery?

34 | ForReal?

13 de December de 2010 to ● 2:44 AM

This was a product from MCI back in the 80’s known as MCIMail. The only difference is a Google envelope vs an MCI one.

35 | shapewear

13 de December de 2010 to ● 7:02 PM

this would be a cool idea.. but the problem is, instant messaging is much more popular.. and people rarely send mail nowdays.. they just check on an IM to check messages.

36 | Stephen

19 de December de 2010 to ● 2:42 AM

Awesome. I’d love to get mail that looked like that.
I might then care about opening mail.

37 | Brittaney

19 de December de 2010 to ● 10:38 AM

I think it is a wonderful idea that would make people want to use good ole snail mail again. There’s nothing like receiving a letter in the mail and getting to open it.

And tell the hippies to go to hell, the ink and paper would be presumably bought by the sender so it is no business of theirs what I buy with my hard earned money.

38 | ken

22 de January de 2011 to ● 12:48 AM

At least the mailman won’t get lost.

39 | Almekhlafi

5 de February de 2011 to ● 2:29 PM

This good article

40 | originales

26 de April de 2011 to ● 9:23 AM

Excellent !! j’adore

41 | chaussures puma

13 de May de 2011 to ● 5:37 AM

Je pense que c’est une merveilleuse idée pour que les gens veulent un bon usage snail mail ole nouveau. Il n’y a rien comme recevoir une lettre à la poste et d’apprendre à l’ouvrir.

I think it’s a wonderful idea that people want to use a good ole snail mail again. There’s nothing like receiving a letter in the mail and get to open it.

42 | Mainual

13 de June de 2011 to ● 8:53 AM

Next will be Google Post Offce :)

43 | Sameer

18 de August de 2011 to ● 1:46 PM

Its just waste of paper :-)

44 | Samvit

4 de September de 2011 to ● 3:00 PM

Love it!
Would work well in India

46 | bimo

28 de September de 2011 to ● 8:12 PM

How cool is this? I like this idea

47 | Ben

16 de October de 2011 to ● 8:50 PM

What happens if the senders address isn’t to the west of the receiving address?

48 | Mark

31 de October de 2011 to ● 6:09 AM

The envelopes are pretty novel, but seem like a bother.

49 | Logo Blog

1 de November de 2011 to ● 12:34 PM

Great concept by Google, and i am really impressed by the way of sending emails. Nice one.

50 | Rod Marrow

8 de November de 2011 to ● 9:27 PM

Magnificent web site. A lot of helpful information here. I am sending it to some buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you to your sweat!

51 | paol

18 de January de 2012 to ● 7:15 AM

And pollute the world !

52 | Social Media Analytics

7 de February de 2012 to ● 9:18 AM

Brilliant idea by Google to introduce these envelopes. They bring a mailing concept a new change of view to sent your feelings by mail to your loved ones in a special way.

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